Having worked in the real estate industry for the past 20 years in various capacities, Eliot Tawil has been a major contributor to the Wharton Properties' vision. He has participated in over 200 transactions since entering the company 16 years ago and has been involved in some of the most exciting retail deals in New York City history.

With creativity at the forefront of almost every deal, Eliot combines his knowledge of the streets with a knack for acquisitions. He patiently works with many directors of real estate for various national retailers, understanding the needs of that specific tenant. The cycle of new deals repeats itself as retailers continue to grow.

Eliot's talents extend to many areas including construction, where he has had to partake in some very challenging jobs. Eliot Tawil's passion for the business world is in sync with the standards that have been a trademark of the company's formula; that is to deal with the highest level of creativity and integrity on every transaction.